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Our Story

We started our company in February  of 2016, we were doing just brushed metal signs with a sealer on them and found they were great for inside decorations but would not hold up to the weather.  

July of 2016 we did some research and decided we would go with a powder coat finish, we found a great finisher that would work with us and have done a great job for us to date. 


November of 2016 we decided we would get into powder coating for ourselves to save some cost that we could pass on to our customers. We could only invest in a small oven so it limits us on the custom pieces we can put out the door, the largest piece we can custom coat is 19 inches By 12 inches.  One of our goals for 2017 will be to invest in a larger oven so we can custom coat larger pieces.  We can cut up to a 4 foot by 4 foot piece but we have to send the larger pieces to have them powder coated, our turn around time in most occasions is 2 weeks.  

  We are looking forward to servicing our great customers. Well its February  2019 and the past couple of years have been good to us, we are thankful for the ones that have stuck with us.  we are looking forward to what ever GOD has in store for us this year. 

Customer Service

We custom design anything from Monogram initials with your name to monumental signs like the one you see here.  We take great pride in each opportunity  to custom make a design to your liking, we will take your idea and add our SG spin on it, then we send you a screen shot of the design before we cut it to allow you the opportunity to make any changes you would like to see.  

Quality Inspected

We handle each piece as if we were buying the product for our self.  we operate off the mentality that if we can please ourselves (our worst critic) that our customers will be pleased with the product they receive. Each piece is inspected for quality before shipping to our customer.